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Hayden's Hair Transplant Results | Dr Mark Tam Presents Results, Donor Area Management & Techniques

Dr Mark Tam

Dr Mark Tam

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Hayden had a hair transplant treatment with Dr Mark Tam, Hair Transplant Doctor on Harley Street, London. Dr Tam examine the criteria of a successful hair transplant elements in Hayden's Hair Transplant. Hayden first noticed his hairloss in his 20s, with a receding hairline with around 10 years, with his stress which result in further hairloss. He started on medications and understanding on long term medications with hair transplant will play an import role in the long term management of future hairloss. When Hayden came to Dr Mark Tam, he was looking to restore his receding hairline and receding look. Donor Area Management Donor area is a limited resources, the appropriate use of donor area would allow the best preservation of the donor area. Dr Mark Tam discuss the key aspect of his donor area management and technique with highlights on selection of the donor area; appropriate spacing of the extraction sites; miniature instruments punch sizes; and Dr Tam's personal post treatment routine for the donor area. All contribute to the excellent donor area management and preservation, allowing minimal signs at the donor area and also better preserve for future use. Results A successful hair transplant results, with hairline lowered and restore. together with his temple points. With emphasis on naturalness and with minimal signs at the recipient area, especially on the temple points and donor area. Density at transplanted area was measured at 50+ grafts per cm2.