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HDC Hair Clinic – 3300 FUE Grafts – Before and 7 months after - NW3



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This is a 28-year-old patient of NW3 scale. His hair transplant with HDC Hair Clinic, is presented as Before the surgery, Post operation and 7 months after.

He is considered a good hair transplant candidate as his donor is of good quality and does not have strong potential to lose more hair soon.

HDC Hair Clinic in Cyprus has transplanted 3300 FUE grafts in order to fill up with good density the front NW3 bald and thinning triangle.

The patient is very happy with his Hair Transplant Result and he send it to us by email, as he came from abroad, with giving his permission to post it with full Face.


Immediately After

7 Months after



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HDC has been providing consistent State of the Art Hair Transplant results over time.

We have summarized some of our results in this video, including also the result in this post.

I think it is worth watching it.