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Heip!!! any clinic out there



Ive posted many times on here
Ive decided to ask any clinics out there to help me to fix my problems i have pro bono so for free
I cant afford no more ops
Ive always tried to help guys on here and point them.in the right direction
Here are my pics again
I just need help from clinics only
If i dont hear from anyone i will remove myself from the hairloss experience forum
Sorry to sound harsh, just had enough guys , i want my life back


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If no clinics offer anything I think Smp the scars and keep your hair short. Did no clinics offer anything?


No nothing mate
Its all about the MONEY with clinics end of
And cant afford smp either so im done with it now
The hair industry,the lot


Guys how the fuck have i had a bad hair transplant
The surgeon was dr alan feller
Spex was the guy who told me 2 go 2 him
Spex i am not happy and dr feller u dont know what u are doing
Guys DONT listen to spex
He is business man like the rest
Spex sue me im waiting
And u dr feller.


Ive been told not 2 post negative post
My life was runied by dr ALAN FELLR AT FELLER MEDICAL
u can all look at my posts how u like.
Dr feller gave me a second strip scar
And poorly angled hair transplants
Spex is just a business man end of
Spex dont advertise for dr feller no more ????????
Oh spex im here
DR ALAN FELLER u are not very good


Staff member
I try as much as possible to allow users to say how they feel and be honest and open about their experiences. Philw has documented his feelings and experiences on HLE for a while now. His experience have left him feeling, well, you only have to read to understand how he feels. I was also a victim of bad hair surgery as many of you know. It can affect you, even deeper than losing your hair in the first place. It can make your mind play games with you, who is to blame, did you make the mistake, or was it the Dr and clinic. It is not a good place to be in life. There are many good surgeons performing very good work. Obviously there are times when things fail you and it is important to minimise the risks as with any medical procedure. I do not want to get into specifics of any one case. Suffice to say no one wants to see anyone suffer from a poor hair surgery. I hope I and HLE help many that have been a repair, or those searching for answers for their first hair transplant. Help and guidance in how to research. Ultimately, it has to be your choice, to have the hair transplant and who performs it. With so much information and fake information around today, I can only say take your time, do not feel pressured. Look snd listen to other experiences but ultimately do not rely on others to make a very big decision in your life.


Guys im sorry with the messages espeacally to bigmac
BUT im not sorry about spex or dr feller
they have runied my life
Ive lost jobs,girlfriends etc cos of my hair transplants and thats no joke
Its the 1st thing i think about and the last
Dr feller gave me a second strip scar above my old one and the transplants were put in at wrong angles twice by dr feller and his team
Im sick of this and surgeons and people getting away with this
U both have runied my life