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Helmet moto and hair loss, correlate? Treatment local?



Hello everyone, I would like to know if wearing a scooter helmet affects hair loss? In the first place in someone with no family history or hormone does the helmet promote the fall? In the second place, in someone is already basic androgenic alopecia does the helmet worsen the phenomenon of falling? If so, under what timeframe did you have months or years? For my part, I think the headphones 2 x 30 minutes a day and am at Norwood 3 stadium at the age of 34. The helmet seems slightly increased the fall since I have worn it in two years, but mostly rubs when I put it on and take it off and then itches my scalp as if it was inflamed. Do you have the same feeling? is this sensation of inflammation accompanied by effective hair loss? Finally, do you have any tips to limit the fall with the helmet if there are any?


Staff member
Wearing a helmet will not cause hair loss. If your hair is falling out and becoming noticeably thinner, then you probably are suffering from mpb.