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Hoping for help to move forward after a very disappointing and misleading experience at the HGC London



Hi guys,

I saw you offer of help and if i'm honest I wish I found the site earlier. My experiences over the last 10 months have made the small issues with my hair worse and as a result I have lost confidence and faith in the process. Before I start I am sorry if I write too much or if i've not included enough please don't hesitate to ask for more.

Last February, after experiencing a small amount of recession in my corners or temples I decided to have a transplant. I admit to doing very little research as to me all the sites looked the same and I didn't really know what I was looking for. A colleague of mine had just had a transplant at the Hair Growth Centre and at this point spoke very highly of them after his consultation which I now have come realise is because of nothing more than a sales pitch built on lies.

I went ahead with a consultation with the HGC and was told all about the celebrities they had worked on and the challenges with transplanting 'afro hair'. I was introduced to their 'afro hair specialist' Dr Rafiq who assured me we could fix the corners and even bring my whole hairline further forward. I was told I should take their current unlimited graft offer despite expressing that I did not think I needed much work done but was told this would allow them to pack out the area and ensure density.

Upon arriving for my transplant and after shaving my head Dr Rafik drew a line free hand which was completely different from the one we had agreed in my consultation (this can be seen in the images). I was told this was because of the muscles in my face and that the previously agreed hairline would increase the chances of the procedure being unsuccessful. As my primary objective was simply to correct the temples and not wanting to have an unsuccessful procedure on my hands I agreed to move forward. That was almost the last I saw of the doctor as almost the entire procedure was then conducted by 2 technicians. The doctor returned twice briefly to 1 tell me my roots were not strong and that I needed a PRP injection to increase the success of the procedure which I went with for an extra £500 and the 2nd time was when he done the channeling which took him not very long at all.

At the end of the procedure I asked the technician how many hairs they had taken and he replied around 1000. I did take this up with the centre who after a push refunded £250. Since the procedure I have not been contact for a single review. I have raised concerns several times via Whatsapp and have been told the doctor said everything is fine. I have even asked to come in twice in person and been ignored. It has not been 10 months and I have a very thin and bald in places side of hair which I am obviously upset about.

Could you please help me with some advice on my options from here. I know the HGC's policy is to do it again if the customer is not happy but honestly I cannot let them touch my hair again. As you will see from the pictures the area is only small however I don't really want to shave my head completely down again but if that is my only option I would with professionals I can trust. I have seen there is scalp micropigementation that could fill in the gaps and make it look fuller. Also do I have any rights with the HGC? Honestly, I would really appreciate any support you can give me.

Yours hopefully



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The roots are not strong is a new one for me… I think the surgery design was more appropriate than the hairline drawn at your consult… Extracting curly grafts is a difficult thing to do, doctors like Bisanga and Lupanzula are better suited for Afro hair patients due to the vast experience… If the transplanted area stays the same, you will be looking at another surgery to add density… Have you pictures from the day of surgery?


I agree with bullitnut. Also, I would not go back, service good or bad, results speak and they have not even addressed your concerns in any good way. I hope your donor hair is still healthy enough to take more if you go down that route. Good luck


Staff member
The area is still thin but it’s fixable. Once you have reached 12 months, you’ll be in a better position to see what action is required. As others have said, Afro hair is more difficult because of the C shape of the grafts.
In my opinion, the surgery plan you had has worked in your favour. If you’d had the hairline lowered and had the same growth issues,then it would look worse and require more grafts to fix. Keeping your hairline at its existing height was a good move.
Do you have pictures of your donor extractions and how your donor looks now?