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How long after a transplant must someone wait before swimming and using a sauna/steam room?



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I am hoping to restore my hair at some point this year, i am undecided yet whether to have Scalp pigmentation, a transplant or a combination of both. I am a big swimming fan and go to the pool several times a week, how long after a transplant would it be ok to resume swimming on a regular basis? I currently swim 4 times a week and enjoy using the sauna afterwards.


Jackie Brown

Check with the clinics you are talking to is probably the best idea, you should follow the instructions they give you for healing and care etc. Common sense probably says a few weeks after to be on the safe side. After all you don´t want to harm what you´ve had done.


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I'd sat at least two weeks is good but as Jackie says, check with the clinic who does your transplant.


Hey Baldbadger, why don't you share your scalp pics from multiple angles so we can give you an accurate assessment of what your hair restoration requirements should be.

As for swimming, 3 weeks if you go FUE, maybe a couple of weeks longer if you go FUT.
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