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How long will my hair look bad after the transplant




I am looking to book a transplant with Vera Clinic in Turkey. I am a (probably soft) Norwood 2. I want to add density to the front hairline as well as lower it a bit.

They estimated I need about 2500-2700 grafts. They said I would have to shave my head if I want the crown done as well.

two questions:

1) Are there any clinics in Turkey that do not require a fully shaved head. This will allow me to Transition to work without it looking blatantly obvious (I return to work Aug 25).

2) Shaved head or no shaved head, what kind of downtime am I expecting where my hairline Will look weird? Are we talking 6 months of not being able to give myself a pompadour hairstyle where all the hairs blend naturally? If so, that seems like a very long wait tbh.


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Asmed clinic have done non shaven Fue in Turkey.
Do you have any pictures of your current hair loss


Apparently Dr. Koray doesn’t oversee the transplants himself anymore and this has led to recent bad results.

I’ve attached some pictures. Ideally I want to lower the hairline a bit and add density to the front and crown

My hairloss isn’t bad but I feel like now is the time to do the transplant before it’s too bad so I can regain full thickness and then start medication / other treatments to maintain it.

Here are some of the responses I’ve received so far from clinics:

Vera clinic: 2500-2700 grafts to fill in the front, crown, and bring the hairline lower.
“The hair line can be brought down and reshaped to suit your facial features as long as the new grafts are not placed above a muscle. I had asked you to send a photo with your eyebrows raised up to check how far the forehead lines go.
Therefore the doctor said it's safe to bring the hair line lower and possibly add grafts to the areas that doesn't have a graft.So the hair follicles will be implanted in areas that the previous existing graft is already dead.”

Cosmedica: Did not recommend surgery, said hairline was too low for the forehead muscles, and said the front was thin but not bald enough for safe transplantation. They said maybe the crown.
When I told them that other clinics had accepted me for the procedure, they eventually conceded and said they can use 2500-3000 grafts to make the existing hairline thicker and fill in the crown, but they won’t lower hairline.

Dr. Serkan Aygin: “The doctor checked the photos and he recommends only medication in your case. You have good existing hair roots which can be damaged if you undergo a hair transplantation right now. Medication can help prevent hair loss and make it denser.”

I have also contacted Dr. Demirsoy, AEK, HLC, Hair Of Istanbul, and Elittransplant and awaiting their assessments.


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I've read your post find it interesting that you think you need a transplant I really don't think you need one maybe crown a little, I had a hair transplant at AEK in Jan 2020 age 53, please feel free to check my post out.


Your hairline doesn't need lowering Cosmedica are right it will look odd as hell.


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Have you checked into the meds more for the crown loss?