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How to Braid Your Human Hair Wigs

Hair Julia

Hair Julia

Typically, the wigs are braided into cornrows, which are also called flat braids because they lay

against the scalp. The braid requires each piece of hair to be weaved, or intertwined, with

another. When preparing cornrows for a weave, you will braid the Bob Wigs in a circular

direction, around the head, following the circumference of the scalp.

1. Separate and pin up any hair that will not be included in the cornrow and that will be used to

cover up the tracks of the Human Hair Wigs.

2. Part the hair with the comb. It is easiest to braid beginning at the side of the scalp,

directly underneath any hair that will be left out, and working your way down and around to the

another side. The part should be in a circle and should be a half an inch to an inch from the

hairline depending upon how wide the cornrow will be.

3. Group a small bunch of hair together at the beginning of the part formed in Step 2.Divide that

bunch of hair into three separate strands and braid the hair into the first segment, or stitch.

After each of the three strands of hair has been intertwined within the braid, add looser

hair to the middle strand before beginning the next stitch of the braid. Each strand of hair

should be braided together once, then more hair should be added to the middle strand before

proceeding with the next braid stitch. This procedure will keep the braid close to the scalp.

4. Braid the hair around the scalp until you have reached the end of the part. Part another

a segment of hair to form the next braid around the circumference of the scalp, if one is needed

for additional hair extension applications. Start this cornrow by pulling in the excess hair from

the last cornrow, or braid, and repeat the braiding process until all hair that is to be braided

has been included in one of the cornrows. Now you will be ready to apply for your hair extensions.

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