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How to Make Wigs Look Real



Nothing is more embarrassing than having everyone around you realize that you €™re wearing a wig. This doesn €™t necessarily mean that you €™ve chosen a bad one: Even the most natural-looking wig can look unrealistic if you don €™t know how to wear it well, if you €™re uncomfortable wearing a particular wig, or if it doesn €™t suit you. A few easy steps, though, can help ensure that your hair always looks realistic.
Instructions:1. Trim and shape your hair weave wigs to make them as flattering as possible, which will also make them more realistic. For the most realistic effect, leave this to a professional. Check with a wig shop to see if they offer this service or can recommend someone who does. If not, call high-end salons to see if any of the stylists have experience with loose deep wigs.
2. Dust your wig with talcum powder if it €™s excessively shiny, which often happens with less expensive synthetics. Lightly apply the powder with a brush or powder puff, then shake out the wig. It should now have a more natural sheen.
3. Wear a stocking or wig cap over your hair when you wear a wig. This holds your hair in place so it won €™t slip out and destroy the illusion of the wig. Distribute your hair evenly under the stocking or cap to ensure that you have no unnatural-looking bumps under the wig.
4. Attach the wig firmly. The way you attach it depends on the type of wig you have, and on your preference. The two most common methods involve using either bobby pins or wig-adhesive tape to hold the wig in place.
5. Comb your wig into place once it €™s firmly attached. If you need to hold the style or correct flyaway hair, use the wig-styling spray, rather than hairspray.
6. Add a hair scarf or another accessory if your wig still doesn €™t look realistic to you. Sometimes, a wig doesn €™t look realistic because of the wearer €™s body language. Often, simply adding an accessory is enough to make you feel comfortable in your Loose Deep Wave wig, which will make it seem more realistic.
7. Take care of your wig to keep it looking real. A polystyrene wig stand will help your wig retain its shape when you €™re not wearing it. Ask the wig maker what products and styling tools will work on your wig, and also inquire into the best method of washing it.



Wigs always look real when you approach an expert. For example, if you are in Dubai you can find out some top beauty and hair extensions experts who will suggest you the best extensions/wig based on your personality and hair look.
Based on my experience, tape in hair extensions are a relatively better and newer technique and is considering the best for women with thin or fine hair. This type of extensions works like a sandwich between your hair.


Just find a good specialist in your area. Don't regret spending money on that, cause it will change your look totally.

But, from my experience, I would recommend the hair transplantation to you.