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How to put on a human hair wig

Hair Julia

Hair Julia

Wearing a human hair wig can make you have different hairstyle, Julia hair provides different hair wigs, such as lace front wig, transparent lace wig, fake scalp lace wig, and full lace wig, colorful wig, short bob wig.
no matter which wig you choice, there should make you more impression to first sight. how to put on a human hair wig?
1.Spray some cosmetic on the cap which make the color near to your skin.
2.Fix the wig on your head, adjust the strap to make it proper to your head. Not to tight nor too loose.
3.Trim the edge of the lace, make a clear hairline suitable your forehead.
4.Use some hair conditioner to fix the wig and blow it to dry.
5.Style the hair which you like.
Please follow all these steps on how to install on your wig, then you will be never having problems on the wavy or curly hair after installing. Julia hair is professional, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us www. juliahair. com.


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