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How to take care of human virgin hair

Hair Julia

Hair Julia

Brazilian Hair is absolutely gorgeous and can change your appearance. You can find extensions to

give you almost any look you desire. It is a fashionable statement and a lot of fun.

Virgin Hair is unprocessed and completely intact. In order for hair to qualify as a virgin, it must

not be bleached, colored, dyed, permed or processed with chemicals. The hair must come from one

donor only with all cuticles fully intact. Hair that has not been exposed to drugs, cigarette

smoke or blow dryers are preferred. Human Hair is most commonly used in the construction of hair

extensions, closure pieces, and lace front wigs.

The Benefits

Virgin hair is easier to style because it has never been dyed or treated with chemicals. The hair

can be easily straightened or curled with beautiful results.

The hair is of better quality and has never been damaged or weakened. The texture and sheen is

a higher quality that ensures your new hairstyle will look fantastic.

Virgin hair weaves and extensions are available in a wide range of hair types, colors and

lengths. Virgin hair also can be blow-dried, curled, washed, colored, straightened and permed.

Finding the hair extension or the closure piece that is right for your hair is not difficult.

The Care

Hair extensions require special care in order to maintain their beauty and expected life. Hair

care products containing sulfates or alcohol can harm virgin hair.

Water-based products will add moisture to the virgin hair as opposed to grease and keep it in

excellent condition. Base your choices of shampoo and conditioner on your specific type of hair.

There are products available for curly, deep curly, deep wave, frizzy and straight hair.

Use a moisturizing conditioner wash on your virgin hair before use. A wide-toothed comb or paddle

the brush should be used to get out any tangles before the hair is washed. Cutting the wefts is

inadvisable because it will cause shedding. The hair should be washed once or twice per month but

do not over shampoo or the hair will become dry and brittle. If your hair begins to feel oily a

clarifying shampoo will correct this problem.

Virgin hair does take care but the results are worth the effort required. You can choose to look

sweet, sexy, outrageous or have any look that appeals. You can add curl, length or body to your

hair. The most important thing you can do is make sure the hair you purchase is high quality.

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