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How to test your hair bundles are real human hair?

Hair Julia

Hair Julia

If you want to test virgin human hair,I think different person has different testing methods,but the results are the same. I usually test virgin human hair from the following tips, please check it as reference:

1.Burning Test. Take a piece of human hair and burn it. Virgin human hair will easily become ash after it being burned.But synthetic hair or plastic hair will become knots and its smell doesn’t smell good.

2.Dying Test. Take a piece of hair to take a dying test.Virgin human hair usually take color very well and fast. But fake hair won’t take color .

3. Restyling Test.Virgin human hair can be restyled easily and hold the curl well. But synthetic hair can’t be restyled.

4.Hair Texture.Virgin Human Hair are very soft and feeling good,when you comb the hair,it combs smoothly and easily.But synthetic hair or fake hair will easily get tangled and matted.

The fee of the hair can likewise be a significantly less expensive. If it's far unrealistically reasonably-priced, even if they call it a special Promotion offer, be wary. If it is real hair extension, the vendor will attempt and get the excellent charge for it. This, however, does not imply that you go for overrated hair. Shop round and choose the best cost-effective human hair bundles.

Real human hair extension will tangle, yet only a bit. The longer the hair, the much more probable it is to tangle particularly at the back of the neck, however, this should not stress you much. If the tangling is immoderate, be attentive.

This as well,, can occur with human hair however if it's far immoderate, it is not honest to goodness. Shedding should just be a couple of strands when you comb the hair. Sealing the wefts of the weave hair will guarantee the hair stays on. Comb the Hair Weave with a wide tooth comb from the tips to the roots to decrease shedding.

this is the general way to test the hair you bought whether human hair or not, follow it you will know it very well about your hair weave. if you want to get more information about human hair weave, please visit: www. juliahair.com