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How will FUE punch type affect your FUE hair transplant results?



Contrary to popular belief, your hair surgery and the possible outcome depend on much more than the size of the FUE punch your hair surgeon uses. While FUE punch gauge will certainly play a role, the FUE punch type used is often a much more relevant factor. New hair replacement technology in the form of Dr. U`s Dr.UGraft FUE system make hair transplant a more effective solution for all types of hair, including the body hair harvested over the course of a BHT body hair transplant.

Dr.UPunch is patented flared tip greatly reduces the rate of transection in any FUE context. It guides the operator around each follicle. An expanded inner chamber is able to engulf more of the surrounding tissue, collecting a bulkier, more viable specimen. This ensures higher graft yield and rates of successful regrowth in the recipient area.

Fue donor scars? Minimized. BHT for hair loss and facial hair transplant, including eyebrow restoration and eyelash implants? Not a problem for the Dr.UGraft FUE system. If you`re interested in the possibility of FUE hair treatment for your baldness, the Dr. U Hair Clinic in Redondo Beach has you covered. To learn more about this advance in hair replacement technology making waves in the hair restoration industry.