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I got my money back!!!



I had 3 FUE surgeries to get my hair restored. My first surgery was with a clinic in Essex in 2014, which was done by a person whom I found out later, that she was a dentist, The clinic, for obvious reasons, is now closed for a while, and I had two more surgeries to correct my first FUE. I paid £2700 for literally a very thin and spaced out hairline despite the promises the dentist made in my consultation. However, when I made a complaint to the clinic, they said this is how it is and good luck complaining. They told me that because of the length of time passed from my surgery, I have no leg to stand on. I even spoke to a lawyer and they told me the same thing. Couple of months ago, I found this website and decided to give them a chance. I filled an online form in and sent it to them. It took them just two months to get a partial refund for what I paid to the dentist. I decided to share the experience just in case anyone want to try them out. I didn't pay a penny and apparently they only make money if they manage to get a refund, something like a no win no fee firms. I had to paid them 20% of what they manage to get from the clinic, what I probably never would have been able to get anyway. Highly recommend this service to everyone who paid for a service but did not receive the service they paid for. They have a good inside knowledge of the industry and use loopholes that we don't know about to get refund. Anyone interested go see for yourselves at (no links allowed)


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Have you got some pictures and clinic name to back up your claim? Otherwise it is worthless post.