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Ian, recent FUE procedure at The Maitland Clinic



After much deliberation I went ahead and had an FUE procedure at the Maitland Clinic a month ago tomorrow. I had met with both David Anderson and then later Dr Ball and it was that meeting in Portsmouth last year that convinced me I had made the right choice of clinic. The week or so leading up to the day I came into contact with karen Cobb the clinic nurse and she was fantastic and put me at ease with her manner and professionalism, nothing was too much trouble.
The day itself was amazing as the team around Dr Ball are so friendly and reassuring, there was music and films and chat and banter. Plenty of fluids, lunch and snacks. Yes there is some discomfort, mainly the initial anaesthetic injections, but overall much less than I thought. Dr Ball is brilliant and his team a real pleasure to spend time with. It was a long day 12 hrs but these guys see it through to the end there is no rushing everything is meticulous. Post op I am really happy as again the attention you get from Karen is first class she is always checking how things are.
I would advise anyone thinking of a procedure at the very least to book a consultation with David Anderson and Dr Ball.


Staff member
Hello Ian, I`m pleased you had a good experience at the clinic. Any chance we could see some pictures?
You can crop your face out if you wish to stay anonymous.
Regards Bm.


Nice to hear of another Dr Ball procedure.

I am on day 11 post-op now and its been great. So pleased with the results!