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im loosing my hair (woman)



hey im pretty new to this but i was just woundering if any of you could help me

i started loosing my hair about 10 months ago then about a month later i found a patch on the back of my head! it has slowly got bigger! now it is gettin worse everyday it is about the size of 3 ten pence peices! this morning i lost that much hair while washing my hair the the plouge got blocked im so scared! i dont know what to do! the doctors have given me 3 types of anti-depresants the first two lots made me feel very sick and gave me bad head aches so i stoped taken them, now i am on chlorpromazine and i haven noticeded any difference with them yet!

is anyone else on chlorpromazine?

im thinking about gettin a half head wig or something like but i dont know wher to start on looking for places to get them. or ther might be other things that i can get done! .... does anyone know of any?


please reply

thanks x


north country boy

north country boy

Valued member
Hi, i have heard of people loosing some hair with anti depressant , did the doctor tell you of any side effects? you may want to get in touch with some of the consultants on this site, also do some research on the A Ds see what are the side effects, good luck NCB