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Interesting scalp to beard hair transplant after orthognathic/jaw surgery for trauma patient - Dr Arshad FRCS (The Hair Dr, Leeds UK)

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HairDr Clinic

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We present the case of a 29 year old male who underwent trauma to his jaw and several orthognathic surgeries referred to Dr Arshad by a Maxillofacial surgery colleague from the Leeds General Infirmary (UK).

This patient had undergone trauma to his jaw from a childhood accident and had undergone multiple jaw alignment surgeries in order to correct his bite as well as the cosmetic appearance of his jaw line. Whilst the functional aspect (bite) from the initial surgery was successful the patient was not happy with the cosmesis/alignment.

He underwent further invasive jaw surgery to correct this without the desired outcome. After psychological assessment it was discovered a possible way to deal with the cosmetic issue was to reconstruct and strengthen his facial hair so that he may grow out a beard. This was regarded by the patient and the clinicians a better option than further jaw surgery as it was less invasive. More importantly given that he had a good functional result from the jaw surgery (i.e. no further issues with chewing/bite) a better option would be a beard hair transplant rather than to potentially compromise the functional aspect with more invasive further surgery in order to improve the cosmesis.

The patient was assessed by Dr Arshad and the concerns surrounding growing out his facial hair were understood. The 2 main issues that were identified included the lack of and patchy nature of hair surrounding the region of the mental protrubance/upper chin region and secondly a generalised diffused lack of density/length.

A treatment plan was proposed by Dr Arshad which included approximately 250 FUE grafts being transplanted into the chin and 5% Minoxidil to be applied twice a day topically to the beard region. The client underwent a further psychological assessment before embarking on the FUE beard hair transplant.

Below are pictures from before and 6 months after the FUE scalp to beard hair transplant.

Scalp to beard hair transplant - Dr Arshad (Hair Transplant Surgeon) - BEFORE

Beard hair transplant. Incisions site by Dr Arshad (Hair transplant surgeon).

AFTER 6 months beard hair transplant Dr Arshad 3.jpg
AFTER 6 months beard hair transplant Dr Arshad .jpg
AFTER 6 months beard hair transplant Dr Arshad 2.jpg

Dr Arshad has undergone advanced fellowship training in plastic/reconstructive cases of the head and neck. He has a specialist interest in reconstructive - post surgery (orthognathic/cleft lip) and post-trauma/burns/acid injury cases. For a video consultation please contact us on the details below.
HairDr Clinic

HairDr Clinic

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@bullitnut thank you for your kind comment. Yes the client is very happy with the outcome and the good growth achieved. Will update further once client gets to the 12 month stage.