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Introducing Sabine - Prohairclinic



Prohairclinic FUE and SMP
Hi all,

In a couple of days Sabine will take on the task of being our information spokeswoman for Prohair on this forum.

I will check in myselve from time to time as well... so it is not like i will dispear completely.

Sabine is our main Tech and has been with us at Prohairclinic since day 1.
She is very familiar with each step that is involved in the FUE procedure as we perform it.
She is able to answer all questions about our FUE method as she is involved on a daily basis for many years.




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We will give her a warm welcome, at least I will. It may take a while for the guys as they'll be too busy mopping up their drool or unable to talk. They'll be thinking of ways to post these to her too ~LV.........lol.



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Janna..what do you mean !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Sabine and welcome to the forum.... I am sure we will all look forward to seeing posts from yourself..

By the way, Janna is refering to the other guys on this forum and not me.....

PS... BigM...

Just wanted to say that I think a fact finding tour of the ProHair Clinic would be a great idea.... I am more than willing to volunteer (and I would happily go on my own)..:)

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Good ridence Bart. Adios amigos.---Ah just kidding my friend. I have known you around these forums for a couple of years now and appreciate all that you have done. You guys are a great clinic and I thank you for your time and efforts posting. We will certainly welcome Sabine with open arms. Keep popping in from time to time. Take care my friend.



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Welcome to the forum Sabine.

Bart are you taking on another role now.


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Welcome sabine and good luck bart with whatever your doing now.
all the best pal