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Introduction of DR. ÖZLEM BİÇER

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Dr. Özlem Biçer

Dr. Özlem Biçer

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I was born on the 4th of July 1973 in Istanbul. After high-grade graduation from Anakent high school, I was accepted to Trakya University Medical Faculty in 1992. In these years, I believed that MY profession should give people what they need, deserve, and what they desire: “Health and Esthetic”
My university years were full of experiences and I continued to walk on my path to success with a perfect husband and a nice son. Over time, I decided that I should give people not only health but also their dreams. After gaining numerous experiences in aesthetics, I went to train myself to Paris and worked on hair loss treatments. Between 1998-2004 I worked in many private clinics, esthetic centers and hospitals in the department of hair transplantation and medical esthetic. In 2004, I opened her MY licensed clinic by the Turkish Ministry of Health, and I am a member of ISHRS and AAAM and İAHRS

But I didn’t confine myself with people's dreams. I tried to train as many people as possible. For this reason, I have presented a medical program on national television for over three years, with thousands of doctors and specialists in different fields of medicine. Thus, with me, people understood that the doors of medicine and aesthetics were open to their needs and desires until the end. I attend to international congress and workshop not just as a member also as an educator of hair restoration to contribute to innovation in hair transplantation and hair loss therapy
Today in my clinic, I continue to reach people from all over the world with a team of experts and professional translators dedicated to their satisfaction. The patients experience exclusive services in my clinic where just one hair-transplantation is done per day. My clinic has one of the most experienced and skilled hair transplant surgical team in Turkey.

In Dr. Özlem Biçer ’s clinic, we provide the following

Dr.Biçer Clinic has one of the most experienced and skilled hair transplant surgical teams in Turkey since 2004. Her medical team and she is working on hair treatments and hair transplantations with all their knowledge and love in order to turn this desire of her patients into reality.
Moreover, She cares to preserve her image built on the years of experience using all the latest technology and without compromising from health and complying with law and ethics.

My web site is:
My personal mail: dr.[email protected]
My clinic mail is: [email protected]
My phone number is: 00905326677883
My English assistant Özen 's phone number is: 00905304141313

DR. ÖZLEM BİÇER CLİNİC address is : Barbaros mah . mormenekşe sok: Deluxia suits Daire 209 Batı Ataşehir /İstanbul.


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Welcome to the forum I enjoyed reading about your background and i look forward to seeing results from your clinic. When you stated you wanted to give people their dreams you hit the nail on the head for so many people.... having hair again can truly transform peoples lifes and the benefits of a good transplant can be life changing and a dream come true to many.