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Is hair transplant the only savior of hair loss?



Hi guys,
I need your advice for my further method to deal with hair loss.
Should I try the hair transplant or keep wearing human hair wig to wait my hair grow by itself?
I'm a black women with not short and not long wavy natural hair. It dose not influence my life until my hair started to fall seriously last year. Hair means so much to a woman. To avoid being stared in a strange way, I began to wear human hair wig. The human hair wig is very natural. None one has noticed my hair loss. They give me confidence and help a lot to protect my natural hair. In the past year, my hair has grown but very slow and can’t make up the hair loss. Is wearing human wig a solution to hair loss?


i also want the hair tansplant, please give me the proper advice on how the process occurs in hair transplant. is it safe or not?