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Is the transplantation of hair permanent.



Hair transplantation procedure
Are you searching for some alternative to fighting with your baldness and excessive hair fall issues? If your answer is "Yes" Then the only permanent solution available for this problem is hair transplantation. The complete procedure takes around 4 - 10 hours. The surgery is done under local anesthesia. But it also largely depends upon the area to be treated for restoration. Once the procedure is completed you can start your normal routine.

Is it a permanent solution for Baldness and Excessive hair fall
Is it the best solution available for all those people who all are suffering from baldness or excessive hair fall problems. Basically, it depends on your hair loss level, there are plenty of options available when you want to restore your hair loss. In order to find the best solution for you depends on the degree of hair loss and on your personal goals for restoration. In the early stages, one might consider other options like medications, topical solutions, some home remedies, or low - level laser treatment. But if your problem has gone to an extreme level and even you didn't find results according to your goals and hopes with other treatments. Hence, one should consider hair transplants for improving the density of their hairs. Hair transplant is the permanent solution that's the main reason why it is considered the most effective treatment for hair restoration. During the surgery, the surgeon uses your own hair follicles to fill the thinning or bald areas on the scalp. These restored hairs are resistant to the hormone that causes hair loss dihydrotestosterone (DHT) - and are considered a permanent solution.

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For many, not all hair in the safer donor zone is permanent. Without meds you may lose some to DHT.


I haven't had a transplant yet but loosing hair or thinning of the safe zone when I'm older concerns me a lot, I've noticed quite a few very elderly gentlemen with thinning in that area. Hoping this Proscar I'm now taking will keep me in good stead for the future.