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Is this infected?



Hi everyone, I got a hair transplant at an expensive clinic in Turkey last week (7 days ago). They transplanted 5000 grafts over a 2 day period.
As soon as I came back from the clinic there was a small black area in the front as can be seen in the first picture.
I was given an antibiotic ointment to apply everyday in addition to the antibiotic pills.
I have been following up with them daily by sending them picture of the progress.
They have told me that it looks like its recovering and not to worry. I however can not help but worry.
Today is day 7 and this is how it looks like today. Do you think I need to get it checked by a doctor here (in my country)?




Staff member
It looks like bleeding that has scabbed over. Keep applying the ointment, hopefully it clears up soon.
Have you got some immediate post op pictures?