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Isolated Hair Follicle Stem Cells



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Dr. George Cotsarelis and his colleagues used a "genetic tricks" to mark the bulge stem cells (bulge is part of the hair follicle where stem cells are located) by getting them to produce a green fluorescent protein (GFP) that the surrounding cells did not have. Standard cell sorting machines were then able to separate out the glowing cells from the others.
Dr. Cotsarelis' team showed that stem cells they have isolated posses many properties normally exhibited by stem cells from other tissues, such as bone marrow.
Furthermore, Dr. Cotsarelis and his colleagues then transplanted some of the cells onto new mice and showed that they produced hair and all its associated structures: follicles, epidermis and sebaceous glands.
This experiment sounds very exciting as it opens the possibility for human hairs to be cloned in the same way.
However, it is important to mention, that scientists had to combine their stem cells with the dermal cells from the newborn mice. It can not be excluded, that newborn mouse dermal cells facilitated hair cloning in the way adult mouse dermal cells would not be able to.


Working with the genetic tricks is not hard, I was studied it on my medical extra classes. I like wish you a very great and successful future. Share updated post with us.