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Issues with my hair transplant in London




Long time lurker here, thanks for this awesome forum.

I will post the full details in another post, but had a few queries. Norwood 4-5, 3050 grafts, Procedure was done 7 months back in London, has been on topical minoxidil and oral fin since the procedure.

Please refer to the attached pics.

1. I was told after the procedure that 3050 grafts were transplanted, but does not get to that number when I count the grafts manually from the pictures. I have compared many other 3000 graft transplant pictures and all look much more densely packed. At 7 months now, the density is ok in most lighting conditions except under harsh down lighting or direct sunlight. If viewed from floor level up to the hairline, it looks very low density and the scalp is visible. So the question is do I need to dig deeper on graft count ?

2. A section on the top right forehead was problematic from Day 1. After the channels were made, I kept repeating that I can feel a tingling sensation just on that area while the rest of the head was numb. In the first 2 weeks, I had excessive crusting and this area refused to heal for a long while. It kept changing on a daily basis - one day it looks to be healing and the next day it flares up. The surgeon said that it is a small necrosis and I had to take oral and topical antibiotics for it to finally heal. After 7 months, that area is still bald with only a few grafts starting to grow. The surgeon is not upfront and seems a bit dismissive when asked for the cause. Was this a consequence of poor surgical technique and the inexperience of the surgeon ? (I am a non smoker, physically fit with no medical conditions)

Current 7 month results pic, before/after also attached - Please don't get me wrong, the results are pretty good but still have the above two niggles in the back of my mind. Thank you for taking the time to read and all replies much appreciated.

Month 7 results.jpg
Before After.jpg