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Italian man, 28, mysteriously dies of a 'heart attack' during hair transplant operation in Turkey



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The body of a man who mysteriously died of an alleged heart attack during a hair transplant operation in Turkey has been found covered in blood in a morgue.

Ibrahim Gul, 28, was found by a friend wrapped in a blood socked shroud in an Istanbul morgue after his wife received a call saying he had died before a routine hair transplant surgery on Saturday.

Doctors told Gul's wife he suffered a heart attack before the operation, forcing medics to perform an angiography and put in a stent.

Police are treating the death as suspicious as both procedures are considered minimally invasive and have arrested the doctor in charge of the operation.

The hospital has apparently filed for some sort of bankruptcy.



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I’ve been reading about this from a few different news sources. Any loss of life is tragic, his family must be devastated. Until all the facts are known, the cause of the suggested heart attack are open to speculation. He may have been overdosed or was allergic to a certain medication used during surgery. Let’s hope they establish what happened.
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