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Its well documented that hair loss can result from stress, does anyone feel this current Covid 19 situation is worsening their hair loss



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Stress caused by this virus and the uncertainty and worry it's causing people on so many levels, whether it be financial or down to health uncertainties, maybe the food hoarding or possibly sleepless nights with worry, or anything really that comes with this pandemic in theory has the potential to trigger stress related hair loss. Does anyone feel they have suffered or are suffering any loss or increased loss because of the stress and worry?

I suppose it's something to look out for as this whole situation continues i think.


Hi Bulitnut, an appropriate topic in these testing times. I`ve been under enormous pressure these past few months, my hair loss concerns took a back seat, never give it a second thought until reading this. Stress is a hidden danger that causes many ailments, some life threatening, others not so much but all can have a lasting effect. I have been at a low, no energy, lethargic, worrying about things that all have the possibility to lead to other complications.
I hope I`ve not suffered any hair loss due to the things going on right now but presently the health and wellbeing of people have taken priority.
Stay safe everyone.


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I’ve not suffered any hair loss whilst under lockdown but I reckon there will be lots who are affected by it. It’s probably worse in countries that have stricter lock down rules.


Think mine has accelerated a little as this whole thing is stressing the hell out of me, I just need to get back to work.

Mick From Farjo

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We see quite a few people with stress related hair loss. Treating the cause of the stress is the first thing we advise people.