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Jerry Cooley MD - 3618 FUT - ACell PRP - One Year - Jerry E. Cooley,M.D



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This patient had a serious form of skin cancer removed from his right temple several years prior; this was repaired using a skin graft, leaving a large, noticeable bald area. He had an unsuccessful transplant done elsewhere.

Lifting the hair in the temple and temple point zone reveals the extent of the issue.

Dr. Cooley performed a small FUSS procedure and transplanted 1353 follicular units in one procedure.

The final improvement is obvious.

The placement encompassed the entire scar which was a relatively small area overall.

Despite this being almost all scar tissue the yield was very high.

In fact, the patient was so pleased with the final outcome, he decided to return for a second procedure to address his crown, which was affected by androgenic alopecia. Dr. Cooley placed 1530 via a second FUSS procedure along with PRP/ACell and finasteride.

This final result is 18 months after the second procedure.



4 awesome repairs with SMG
I so love to read results like this. Poor guy has had a rough ride but thanks to the skill and talent shown from Dr Cooley he now has a more normal looking temple area ¬b`
He must be thrilled with this, i know i would be......nice crown work too;)
Thanks for sharing