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Laser treatment




Sorry for starting so many new threads!

As posted in a separate thread, I'm hoping to undergo HT surgery in Manchester and have been to see several different clinics. I have a receding hairline (type 3 according to the chart).

One of them is suggesting a 12-month course of laser and meds before surgery, as they say it will give the best possible results. In fact, I've asked them if I can just do surgery and they've said I'd need to sign a waiver, freeing them from any liability if the surgery didn't work!

Can anyone share their experiences of laser, and whether it's necessary for a good HT procedure?


I wouldn't do laser
Been there done that
Load of bull in my opinion
But deffo go on meds for 12 months
U can get it yourself so will be lot cheaper


Do not do any surgery at the moment
If u have just a receding hairline then I would go on meds first for 12 months
U will be surprised cos the meds would thicken everything up so it would create a better looking hairline
There is minoxidil foam u could try together with the meds but you might get fed up applying the foam every day
Also u would not know which one was working for you.
My opinion do not have any kind of surgery cos u could get shockloss that might not come back so u would have to have more and more surgery
Also the clinics will charge u lots more for the meds
I had a receding hairline only and I've have 3 hair transplants and I'm still not happy
I didn't take any meds
I wish I had just taken meds got the growth and thickness I needed and got a good haircut to make hair look thicker
Trust me pal do not RUSH into surgery