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Lavender and Rosemary oil to treat hair loss



I was wondering if anyone has tried either Lavender oil or Rosemary oil to combat their hair loss? I heard that lavender oil possesses hair growth promoting effects with its antimicrobial properties. I know it has the ability to soothe the scalp and heal dry skin but does it help in any other ways?
Rosemary oil seems to be good for hair thickness and stimulating existing growth because Cellular metabolism stimulates hair growth and promotes healing. I`ve heard rosemary oil appears to work just as well as minoxidil, not sure about that though but it's decent for treating dandruff and dry scalps.


Staff member
I`ve heard they are good for soothing the scalp and keeping it moist to prevent dandruff and skin irritation. I`m not sure if it does anything to promote faster hair growth. It`s cheap enough to buy, so no harm in trying it.


Yes oil always being very good for the hair caring and treatment ..