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Lee's hair restoration journey - very fine/light hair - Dr Arshad (The Hair Dr Clinic, Leeds, UK)

HairDr Clinic

HairDr Clinic

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Dear all,

My name is Adam. I work out of Dr Arshad's clinic in Leeds/Dewsbury (West Yorkshire) UK.

Lee recorded his journey on this forum - thread:

In addition to the above I have detailed the surgical information and pictures, as well as a video with the result comb through at 12 months. Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you.


Lee who started losing his hair in his mid 20's.

By his early 30's the frontal zone had pretty much gone with some generalised diffuse thinning in the vertex and crown.

Lee's concern was that he always had very fine and light coloured hair.

This he felt posed an issue in terms of getting the coverage required.

Dr Arshad measured the hair density in the parietal and occipital zones as well as measuring the hair calibre in the various regions of the safe donor zone. Through careful donor area assessment and surgical planning Dr Arshad felt coverage could be achieved. Dr Arshad emphasised to Lee that an important aspect of any hair restoration journey is reducing the insult of DHT on the susceptible hairs through DHT blockers.

Operative details

Graft count - 2871

Ultra refined soft single FU's - 248

Standard Single FU's - 1709

Double FU's - 563

Triple/+ FU's - 351

Surgeon: Dr Arshad FRCS

Surgical assistants/Technicians: Ms K Dobson/Ms L Wright/Ms L Bainbridge/Ms A Ainsley

Excision device: 0.7mm sharp motorised punch (low RPM)

Recipient site making: customised 0.9mm cold steel blade

Maintenance therapy: Finasteride 1mg per day + topical minoxidil 5%

before Lee .png

before 2 lee.png

B3 lee.png

B4 lee.png

after fue.png

after 3 lee.png

afterlee .png

after 12 lee.png

12m lee.png

12mlee a.png







It's being very nice amazing results of hair transplant surgery which give great resutls ...


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This is a great result considering the number of grafts used and the fine caliber of his hair. The new hairline has defined his face giving a fresher younger look that suits him well.


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Great result!! I bet he’s one happy man now