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Life Changing Hair Transplant Experience - Dr. Suneet Soni


Md Salman

I want to contribute in helping fellow hair loss sufferers who are seeking for a competent hair transplant surgeon in India. Hence, I wish to share my experience of hair transplant with Dr Suneet Soni, at Medispa Jaipur.

After an extensive search of 5 months I underwent hair transplant with Dr Suneet about 13 months back. I am posting my review quite late as I wanted to be sure myself before helping others as half knowledge delivery is worse than no knowledge delivery. But yes, now I am confident and sure about my results of hair transplant which is wonderful.

Being a lecturer, your presentation matters a lot as this professions demands lot of public dealing and social presence. A lecturer needs to be confident which was lacking in me due to hair loss at a young age of 35 years. Hiding the baldness under the cap was also not suitable as per my profession. Hence, I was left with nothing rather than following remedies suggested by colleagues and friends. After referring a dermatologist I was been prescribed an over the counter lotion “Minoxidil” which temporarily had reduced the progression of hair loss but as I stopped using it the situation was same and wasn’t a permanent solution.

After opinions from doctors I came to know about hair transplant procedure which was suggested as the only permanent solution for hair loss. I was quite skeptical about these cosmetic surgeries as they are a big taboo in our society making people and celebrities hiding about them. But thanks to our generation which is more receptive and acceptable towards these procedures and consider medical aspect of these procedures knows the importance of looks in social and professional life. Thinking a lot and after positive reviews of hair transplant procedure by my colleagues I made initial moves towards this procedure. As it is one of the hugest decisions of my life I didn’t want to take a chance and wanted to be sure before opting for any surgeon. After talking to many colleagues and friends whose relatives underwent the same procedure I got the reference of Dr Suneet Soni. I saw some of the hair transplant results delivered by Dr Soni of my known people and was quite impressed as the hairline looked absolutely natural. Aesthetics was my biggest concern as it was the requirement of my profession including my personal choice and Dr Soni seemed to be an expert in that.

Soon after encouragement by my colleagues I started gaining information about this procedure and found it to be a safe procedure which is been opted nowadays at a greater rate. Hence, I made my decision to undergo this procedure. I wanted a cost effective option but didn’t want to prioritize cost over aesthetics which made me choose Dr Suneet Soni for my hair transplant after reviewing the results of multiple clinics seeing their photo gallery.

To consult him, I booked an appointment online and visited the clinic with high hopes and expectations. During the consultation I was been asked many medical history related questions followed by assessment of scalp under magnification. Dr Soni informed me that the hair loss I am facing is genetic and is called androgenic alopecia. He suggested me requirement of 2700 approx. grafts approximately and preferred the FUT technique. I was been explained about the whole procedure in detail and benefit of using this technique which seemed genuine to me. I was been assured by him that the procedure will be painless and with no complications which had boost my confidence and desire to get hairs on my bald area. Finally after pooling all my thoughts into one place, they directed me to happily accept the decision of hair transplant. I was been appointed for a day prior to the surgery for some medical tests including some blood tests and ECG which was important for my safety. I visited one day prior and got my tests done and was been recommended a shampoo to be used before the procedure which I followed as per instructions.

The day of surgery came and I was been appointed for 7 A.M in the morning but as I am quite punctual I had reached at 6:45 A.M. after having my breakfast. The staff was quite welcoming and generous which was comforting. From reception to OT I couldn’t find a flaw in terms of cleanliness and hygiene which can impress anyone as hygiene is very important consideration while getting any medical treatment. It boosted my confidence even more that I am going under the knife of safe hands.
Talking about the procedure, it underwent very smoothly and was painless as anaesthesia was injected using a special technique which requires only single administration for the whole procedure so as to avoid multiple injections. After that I was been offered sterilized clothes and taken to operation theatre for the commencement of hair transplant procedure.

The procedure started with strip technique or FUT was performed. This procedure was extremely comfortable and was painless. I was been shown in the mirror the donor area where stitches were in place. Believe me I couldn’t notice it much and it was completely hiding behind my hairs. After harvesting of graft, Dr Soni took me to graft separation room where my hair follicles were been segregated under visual aided microscope for better visualization and less damage to the grafts. The technicians also seemed very experienced and efficient as were quite fluent with their work. After separation of the grafts, I was taken to operation theatre again for implantation of grafts in the recipient area. Implantation went successfully without any pain. The complete procedure lasted for around 8-9 hours and had lunch break in the afternoon. In total, my experience with the whole team was amazing as they were quite caring and professional in their work.
After the procedure I was been advised about few do’s and don’ts to be taken care of and was been given a cap and a headband to avoid dirt and reduce swelling respectively. I was been called next day for head wash by them and was been instructed again regarding what to do and what not to do thoroughly.

I carefully followed all the instruction which were not much and have to be taken care of for around 15 days. I resumed my work from the next day itself but had minor swelling and discomfort which was expected and manageable. After few days my transplanted hair shed off which was already been explained. After a wait of months I received fruitful results when I could see my hair growing. Months passed and it became better and now after 13 months my hair in the bald area is gaining volume and the results are clearly visible. There are no words to explain my happiness as the results are very natural and look awesome.

I have got many compliments and it feels amazing to have hairs on your bald area. I can share the credit with Dr Soni as I was the one who found this diamond from the quarry of coals. I would surely recommend him to anyone as I found him to be the best hair transplant surgeon in India presently.