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looking for pro bono or assisted/affordable surgery



I am 28 years old and began loosing my hair a few years ago. When I first started to loose my hair I tried taking propecia and rogaine, but I didn't stay on the medication because I was not seeing a result and it was also very expensive for myself at that point in my life. I am now shaving my head on a regular basis because of the advanced nature of my balding.

In an effort to keep my post short, I am looking for a doctor or clinic that can provide help to someone in my situation. I am still early in my career and cannot afford the thousands of dollars associated with the surgery. It is incredibly depressing to me that I I have lost my hair at such an early age. Are there any programs or doctors out there that help in these type of situations?


Staff member
Hi there.

The ISHRS have a pro bono program which anyone can apply for.

Have you any pictures you can post so we can see what your hairloss looks like.It would be a good idea to have some consultations too,either online or in person,maybe ask about cancellation slots which are usually discounted,where are you from by the way.

I would also look into getting back on at least one of the meds,probably Proscar as its not very expensive.