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Low density FUE Result – 7 Months After – 2850 Grafts – HDC Hair Clinic



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Many times, we have high Norwood patients with below average donors, requesting hair Transplantation.
Sometimes however they are mis leaded by posted results showing high densities and high number of grafts.
The first thing that HDC Hair Clinic is doing, is to guide them to have realistic expectations. They need to know what they are getting and if they are satisfied with a low density but natural look then we proceed.
We decided to post one such a result which is different from the ones we posted in the past.
This is a 30 years old patient that wants to cover his whole baldness without depleting his donor. HDC Started with the 1st FUE for 2850 grafts and he will continue as planed with 2nd FUE with about 2500 grafts or more if the donor allows.
You can see the low-density natural result from all angles. Notice the naturality and the maintenance of good donor achieved by the fact that grafts have been extracted evenly over the whole donor area.
I hope this post will give light to patients in this category.


Immediately after

7 Months after



Can imagine it being difficult to do a low density transplant and still maintain a natural appearance. Still looks better with the low density than with no hair on top.