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Mac - 3000 FUHT grafts repair procedure result

Dr. A s Clinic

Dr. A s Clinic

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Dear forum readers,
Mac came to us to correct a previous hair transplant he had at some other clinic. 3000 fuht grafts were used for his repair procedure.

He visited us 2 years after his repair procedure with us and is very pleased with the outcome.

Pre operatively, it was decided (on patient's request),not to excise any previous grafts.
The repair was carried out by filling around the previously transplanted grafts.

Before Pictures

After Pictures



My member is cooler than NN's
Definitely a big improvement....... I bet that the patients confidence and well-being has improved dramatically, no wonder he is happy now..

I for one know what its like to walk around with an obvious HT... and being repaired back to looking "normal" is a life saving...


do you know how long ago your patient had the original surgery ?

All the best