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Manas - 2979 grafts corrective HT (10 mth update)FUHT + Beard + scalpFUSE grafts

Dr. A s Clinic

Dr. A s Clinic

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Dear forum readers,
Following is an unfortunate case that came to us for corrective HT. 10 months after his procedure with us, he is pleased with the results.

Manas, (a doctor himself),underwent 2 hair transplants in 2007 and 2008 elsewhere. The first doctor took out plug grafts. The second took out 2 strips. The resultant growth in the recipient area was unaesthetic. I do not know the reason why they chose the approach.

Graft details (of the HT performed at our clinic):
1907 FUHT grafts + 832 Beard grafts + 240 scalp FUSE grafts.

Following are pictures of his corrective HT at our clinic

A Comparison

Before Pictures

Plug excision and suturing

After pictures

Beard donor area pictures (after10 months)



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There is no question that this guy looks much better now. Too bad though that he proceeded originally because he is a NW6-7 and I would guess if seeing him in person it might look odd--in other words, not a typical hairloss pattern that you tend to see in nature. Don't get me wrong though, the work is great and certainly an improvement from his first 2 surgeries.



Awesome improvement! ¬b` I know the stares that you get from poor hairline work and this has been addressed perfectly in this case.