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Manual Fue by dr Eberson, 6 months progress

Dr Eberson

Dr Eberson

Valued member
Manual FUE on a 29 year old male with:
-Norwood 2 with minor hairloss and no previous Hair Transplant before.

-Personal goal: Restoring hairline and improving widow's peak.

Treatment plan:

-FUE with 750 grafts.


FUE with 750 FU's. The extraction was done manually with a 0.85mm CIT punch.

Amount of Follicular Units used:

150 single grafts

590 double grafts

10 triple grafts

His FUE operation was done in one day/donor area shaven/ recipient site didn't need to be shaven.



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That is such a beautiful subtle change and only 6 months in and 750 Grafts used love it