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Medical Hair Restoration SUCKS

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July 13, 2009 08:19 AM Hello. First of all - so i don't get into trouble - everything I say here is my opinion. If you want to contact me for any reason, you may do so. Email me at [email protected]

I visited this company after doing a bunch of research on the net about hair loss cures and treatments. You see, I had an unfortunate accident with another hair loss product that burned my scalp and made my hair fall out. I actually was not that bad off hair-wise when I decided to use that product ( called Procede ) but I thought - like the commercials and ads claimed - it would make my hair thicker.

So, after a few months of thin hair, I decided I wanted a hair transplant and called MHR to schedule a consultation.

Basically, I met with a guy who was not a doctor who made the hair transplant seem like a great idea. I also met with the doctor who eventually performed the surgery. He put me on Propecia / Finasteride for 6 months before the surgery. This is where my experience begins to suck - in my opinion.

First of all - 6 months is a long time to wait. Second, Propecia is not a drug that I had expected to take. I mean, I was expecting a hair transplant - plain and simple. This is obviously more complicated than I thought it would be. Nowhere on the net did I read that you have to take Propecia if you're getting a hair tranplant.

Anyway, the next sucky thing I was told was that I would have to wait at least 3 months after the actual hair transplant before I see results. I did not expect that either.

This whole experience seemed to be more of an ordeal than I had originally thought.

I decided to go through with it anyway ( regretfully ). I figured - people get hair transplants all the time - I'd be missing out if I didn't do it.

So, the employees at Medical Hair Restoration helped me sign up for a health care finance loan and I was on my way to ( months and months down the road )having nicer hair - OR SO I THOUGHT.

I had the surgery which was way more gruesome than I thought it would be - the doctor recommended a strip procedure as opposed to a FUE procedure - which if you've done any research on hair transplants, you know involves clamping together a wad of scalp on the back of your head resembling alarge smile from your left ear to your right ear, cutting, and tearing away that portion of the scalp to harvest hairs to later plug into your head.


The strip procedure absolutely sucks for a number of reasons:

1. It involves removing a portion of your scalp.

2. It leaves a scar.

3. If you have a job or go out in public - you better expect to get some comments - at least for a few months until your hair grows long enough to cover the scar.

4. You are left with fewer options for hairstyles, unless you don't mind walking around with a huge smile shaped scar on the back of your head.

So, the surgery basically sucked. The doctor removed the strip from the back and a team of doctors-helpers actually did most of the rest of the procedure! This surprized me even in my cloudy half-awake/half-floating state.

Also, I did not get the plugs exactly where I wanted them. I guess there are rules for where the plugs go - maybe to make room for future visits!

Anyway, so I left the office feeling awesome with a thing on my head to cover/protect the Frankenstein's monster-esk whatever underneath.

Okay, so 3 days later I returned to work. That morning before work and every morning for at least 5 or 6 months, I spent OVER AN HOUR putting makeup ( Couvre, Toppik, etc ) on the scar on the back of my head and on top of my head. This actually did not keep my coworkers from noticing. I told them the truth and it was weird. Going out in public became more of a chore than before. I simply stayed home more often. When I did go out, I tried to avoid having people stand behind me - very annoying. My barber who had been cutting hair for over 30 years commented that he could not believe that anyone would do such a thing to a person's scalp.

Once my newly transplanted hair was about half an inch long ( which took at least 6 months - and not all of it grew at once either - this was only some of it ) I began to notice one thing in particular - it did NOT LOOK RIGHT. It looked like thick hairs from the back of my head somehow made their way to the top and front - literally. AS MUCH AS THE CONSULT MAN AND THE DOCTOR AT MHR CLAIMED THAT IT WOULD LOOK NATURAL AND THAT THEIR METHOD OF HAIR TRANSPLANTS ARE FAR SUPERIOR THAN HAIR PLUGS OF THE PAST THEY WERE WRONG! I can't stress this enough. I mean, sure the scar was bad enough, but really folks, Medical Hair Restoration made my hair look worse. I think even some of the hairs surrounding the plugs that were struggling to grow there naturally fell out from the surgery and never grew back the same again. Obviously where the plugs were inserted, there was no hope for natural hair to grow again.

I now ALWAYS, when I go out, conceal my hair plugs in some way, whether it be with some expensive hair product or a hat.

I contacted Medical Hair Restoration's customer care department. I spoke with my doctor. I even spoke with the CEO of the company. Everyone was condesending, rude, short ( hung up the phone on me while I was talking - not yelling ) , and/or threatening. The company wasted many months asking me to wait for results time after time. It took months to get a reply to many of my calls and emails.

I am very unsatisfied with my hair transplant from Medical Hair Restoration. I do not recommend them to anyone.


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Unfortunately bad poor results do occur,sometimes due to reasons unknown and sometimes due to the doctor not being very skilled.

I feel for your situation as having a bad rap myself three times i know how you feel.However time and research made me aware that i could restore my hair to an acceptable level that i`m happy with.Choosing a good doctor with a proven track record will give you the best chance of achieving your goals.

Do you have any pictures you can share with us(before and after).

I hope you can find a solution to your present situation.

Take care



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Unfortunately you didn't do a whole lot of research prior to having the surgery and obviously it didn't pay off. I am truly sorry to hear of your results. I too suffered some crummy results with my first surgery and had to deal with it for several years but I eventually did have things corrected with Dr. Ron Shapiro and things now look great. There are some very good physicians on this site and you can have some resolve but it will be challenging with the time period that you need to endure again but in the whole scheme of things it is a small price to pay.

IF you have pics of your scenario please post and possibly we can help give you some advise. Good luck with things.



MHR / Medical Hair Restoration is a bad business and everyone should know that they are terrible, they will hurt you, lie to you, and take your money at whatever the cost and leave you scarred for life, looking worse than you did before.


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Sorry to read about your ordeal... I went through something similar but that was at the hands of "The Hair Clinic" in London... but also that was around 14 years ago......

You are right, all these people care about is making money and think nothing of destroying someones life...

Read Bullitnuts thread as an example of what can happen but also to show that there is a way out...

I just cant believe that people are being butchered today now that there are good surgeons and the technology to receive a good HT...