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Micrografting in Thailand?



Hey everyone. I don €™t post around here much but I lurk around this forum quite a bit. There €™s always something going around so I hope someone can help me out. Im currently teaching in Thailand and looking for a good doc somewhere in Thailand. I €™m willing to travel around South East Asia is needed but i think Thailand would probably have what i need?

Has anyone had good results from specific doctors in Thailand area? ive visited Bumrungrad hospital which is the biggest here but they are recommending FUT and i really dont want that. There is another private clinic for Dr Pacsuankromit (skewered the name) here that is offering Micrografting + PRP which sounds good but they are suggesting to only do 1000 grafts and i want more.
Can any members shed some light on Doctors or clinics they recommend? Is there another place i can go to do more research cause that would help too. Thanks in advance!


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You want a doctor in Thailand because your teaching there in the first sentence dude....then in your last paragraph your in the US wanting a doctor in the midwest*nl
Sorry pal i'm confused.

Dr Pathomvanich in Thailand seems like a good doctor from what i have seen on line.


Hi bullitnut. I re-read my post and youre right my post started rambling. I think that is the doc i originally met but did not like the options i was presented with. Ill double check. Thanks again for the heads up!
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MyWHTC - Brussels Belgium Hair Clinic

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Micro-grafting is obsolete. Don't let that offering clinic think about talking to you about their hair transplant technique.

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