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Misleading information or just uneducated?



Prohairclinic FUE and SMP
Hi all,
It has been a while since my last posting, but as usual summertime is the busiest time oft he year.
However this morning I received an email from another forum with the title €˜Differentiating FUE reality from hype €™. Since our patient is late I took some time to read the content of the mail.
Basically the information in the mail is about how FUE has been overhyped by some clinics. I figure that since Prohairclinic is an FUE only clinic that we are on the target list.
After reading through some of the information provided in the mail I wonder if parts of that information is intentionally twisted or if the writer has based himself upon old information?
For example there is a link to a video where FUE is being performed. This video must be either very old or the dr. is using an outdated version of FUE. The round punch is clearly 1 mm or larger, something which is not used by true FUE experts.
In the mail many attempts are made to minimize the impact of strip surgery €œrecent advances in donor closure techniques.. € or €œthis has made the additional costs and time requirements of doing the fue procedure less appealing €. Furthermore some of the provided pictures show and €˜ideal €™ strip scar, which is IMHO an exception rather than the rule. My gut feeling is telling me that whoever wrote this must clearly have an agenda, or is simply uneducated about FUE procedures. If the latter than he or she should have investigated before publishing misleading information.
By the way, the argument that strip procedures are more economical is a good laugh. Just watch prices go down once more doctors will be performing FUE, the economic laws will take care of the rest. The same has happened in the past for FUT surgery where prices have gone down due to competition and the ability to transplant higher numbers of grafts per day.

We all know that a lot of money is involved in the field of hair surgery and the marketing machines that have been created to promote doctors and or institutes. Buyer be aware!


Staff member
Read it,some good stuff from the docs and thats about it imo.