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Misplaced Transplant Hair Removal



So 2015 I went to India and had a bad hair transplant and last year I went to Turkey to repair it. Unfortunately all my grafts fell out due to my donor area being overharvested.

I have accepted I cannot fix that and I can get away with it using hair fibres, but initially in 2015 they transplanted hair on the side of my temple which not only was planted in a wrong direction, but also not packed and also not close enough to my natural hair at the side. I have been shaving these everyday when I go out.

Anyway, in Turkey they unplugged those hairs, but they have grew back again....

What is the best way to remove the misplanted hairs? I read online the holes need to be sealed up, not sure if this will leave dots or would I need to see a laser hair removal specialist?


Staff member
Sorry to hear you`re in this situation. Have you some pictures you can post?


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Really feel for you dude it sounds like you've had terrible experiences with hair transplants. I dont get what you mean by all your grafts fell out due to your donor being over harvested though....are you saying they damaged the grafts during removal?