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My 2nd hair transplant procedure by Dr. Maras at HDC clinic, 2535 grafts, 4-5\10\2021

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Doron HDC coordinator

Doron HDC coordinator

For Consultation with HDC WhatsApp +972526542654
Hello everyone, I am Doron Harati international coordinator of HDC clinic in Cyprus Nicosia, I had last week my 2nd procedure by Dr. Maras and HDC medical team, total had 3 hair transplants.

My first HT was in February 2018 by a clinic in Turkey Istanbul, I was botched badly with 5000 FUE grafts with no growth, awful painful experience (you can read on it on my previous threads).

On July 2019 I had my 1st HT experience with Dr. Maras at HDC clinic, with 2556 FUE grafts for my frontal and hairline which I am very happy both with the result and corrective experience.

On October 4th and 5th, I had my 2nd procedure with Dr. Maras, since my middle scalp started to get thinner we both agreed the procedure will focus on the middle scalp till backwards to the crown (which also failed in Turkey) as much as can be.

Since I was overharvested with 5000 grafts by the first clinic my donor should be approach conservatively to preserve it so I can have more HT procedures in the future without scars.

HDC offer 7 days treatment of 2 days of surgery and 4 more recovery days with the staff cleaning all the scabs in the free accommodations next to the clinic.

The experience was great as the 1st time, all went smoothly, I had everything I needed in the clinic's accommodations, after 2 days of surgery, the staff washed my scabs two times in a day, also I took a lot of photos and videos documentation of how the clinic work, how they clean and divide the grafts gently under the microscopes and testimonial from another happy paitent @Jackziv whom also had his 2nd experience with Dr. Maras, this time for his middle scalp.

I was surprised in the good way when my head got shaved by the density I had from my previous procedure, I actually feel good and comfortable to go out like that

I will present my before and after, also want to emphasize that after the surgery I did massage my forehead as advised for less bloat appearance which you can see the effect, after 9 days I felt good and came back to job normally with very minimum redness, actually people said it's not that noticeable that I had a procedure, very happy with my recovery and will update my progression furthermore.

The photos are shown with different lights for detailed cleared presentation.

2535 total grafts count:

1446 single grafts 57%

1010 double grafts 40%

79 triple grafts 3%

For free consultation please PM or WhatsApp +972526542654

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Conngratulations on the surgery. This will take your graft count over 10,000 extractions. Are you fully tapped out of scalp donor after this?
Doron HDC coordinator

Doron HDC coordinator

For Consultation with HDC WhatsApp +972526542654
Thanks, since Dr. Maras took precautions with conservative punch, my donor still good for more sessions, my donor bank was higher above the average, also I assume it somehow survived enough after being botched and scared by Arenamed in Turkey, some roots renew themselves with new folliculars after a procedure.
Doron HDC coordinator

Doron HDC coordinator

For Consultation with HDC WhatsApp +972526542654
Thanks, Indeed I was surprised Dr. Maras punched 1000+ double grafts
Doron HDC coordinator

Doron HDC coordinator

For Consultation with HDC WhatsApp +972526542654
Dogs have the best life, sleeping, eating and don't suffer from DHT


Staff member
Hi Doran. Dr Maras was able to get a good number of grafts on this second procedure for you. You style your hair well, these extra graft should make a very nice difference with added density and coverage.
I`ll look forward to following your progress.
All the best.
Doron HDC coordinator

Doron HDC coordinator

For Consultation with HDC WhatsApp +972526542654
Thank you very much, I'll certainly update you'll.
Doron HDC coordinator

Doron HDC coordinator

For Consultation with HDC WhatsApp +972526542654
Hello everyone, I am almost post 12 months since my 2nd repair and happy to share my result in different angles, lights, short - long hair and wet hair, additionally I am using topical formula of Finasteride and Minoxidil, really happy with my repair results

* Reminding I never had repair over my NW6 zone, on this repair Dr. Maras focused on my NW4-5 areas.

** For consultations at HDC clinic you're all welcome to contact me via WhatsApp +972526542654


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Staff member
You`ve come a long way Doron and achieved a massive improvement from where you started and the disaster at the first clinic.
What topical are you using and how easy is it to apply?
Thanks for the update too.
Doron HDC coordinator

Doron HDC coordinator

For Consultation with HDC WhatsApp +972526542654
Thank you,
I am using a prescription that HDC sending to a pharmacist to create a formula of 5% Minoxidil mixed with 1% Finasteride , using once a day with pouring 20 drops over my recipient area.

HDC also can sell and ship it from Cyprus to our paitents.



Staff member
Thanks for the pictures and confirmation.
Does the clinic only supply to your own patients?
People are always looking for reputable suppliers.
Doron HDC coordinator

Doron HDC coordinator

For Consultation with HDC WhatsApp +972526542654
We can supply to all around.


Wow Doron, you have a seriously impressive result!
Wouldn't have thought you'd have been able to get where you are now tbh after a 5000 graft butchery but here you are!


Hi Doron,

I was talking to you in another thread, but I thought it would be best to respond here. Your result is indeed impressive. I'd only seen pictures of your hair in its present state, so I had no idea of the extent of the transformation. To go from where you started to the head of hair that you now have is truly remarkable -- especially when you factor in the initial botched surgery. I hope that you don't mind, but I have a couple of quick questions: (1) How is your donor area looking after so much surgery? In particular, do you have any problems with FUE scars? (2) How does your crown hold up when it's wet? (admittedly somewhat of a trifle given how far your hair has come.) Thanks and all the best.