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My Beautiful and Excellent Experience about Hair Transplant Capillary in the Dr. Cinik Clinic

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Ricardo Teixeira Oliveira

Hello everyone,

I want to share my experience with my Hair Transplant.

I confess that at the beginning I had some fear, but once the whole process began, I can only thank God and the entire Team and Staff at Dr. Cinik Clínica.

All details are prepared in detail with great wisdom, attention and professionalism.
Starting with the plane trip to Turkey, upon arrival at the airport I received a fantastic welcome, which made me feel calm, safe and confident, and was then taken to the Clinic and then the Hotel in a Van that looked like a mini-hotel.
Starting the Hair Transplant process at the Clinic the next day, what I can say is that everything was fantastic, starting with the excellent approach by Dr. Cinik himself, then the entire Transplant process went wonderfully, pain-free and with excellent professionalism of the entire team of professionals who carried out the Hair Transplant.
After the entire process is complete, we are taken to the Hotel. The following day we returned to the Clinic for evaluation and observation by the medical and nursing team, which was done excellently.
The return home went well and the follow-up service was even better... I can say that over the course of 18 months I had excellent follow-up throughout the evolution of the Hair Transplant.

And I was also awarded for the offer of a 2nd Hair Transplant to improve the Crown area.

After more than 3 years, I am still accompanied by the entire Professional Staff of the Dr Cinik Clinic.

Therefore, I feel very grateful to God for choosing Dr. Cinik Clinic to carry out my Hair Transplants... Thank you to Dr. Cinik Clinic who took such good care of and continues to take care of my hair.
The Crown area is still in the waiting phase and God willing, it will look good with hair.

I 100% recommend Clínica Dr Cinik to anyone who wants to get their hair back and look as young as they used to.

Ricardo Teixeira Oliveira

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