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My Experience with Dr Lupanzula @ Medikemos clinic



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18 days ago I went to Medikemos clinic in Brussels and had 2600 follicular units extracted and replanted by Dr Lupanzula and his team @ Medikemos. About 5 years ago I had a failed transplant by a clinic in london that were pretty awful. It left a very bad taste in my mouth and I more or less gave up with the thought of having a fuller head of hair again. I just thought that they didn't work and it was a pretty sad time. After seeing some of his work through JOE TILLMAN who I think it's absolutely fantastic I decided to do some further research. After studying Dr Lupanzula and his work in great detail I picked up the courage to get a second procedure done in hope of fixing my hair loss problems. I can honestly say that so far the clinic has been nothing short of 5 stars and I am so glad that I chose them this time around. DR Lupanzula is nothing short of an expert in the field of hair restoration so you'll be in very good hands working with him and his team. One of the main things that separates him from other doctors I feel is his ethics. He puts his patients first then the money second. And that's very rare and commendable in the cosmetic industry.

So far I am only 18 days post procedure so it's still very early on. I have noticed that in the last few days I have experienced some shedding. This has made me super anxious as I have gone from a densely packed hairline and 1/3 zone to now a patchy and frail looking hairline. I know this is normal and is to be expected, however, I'll just have to wait it out now but I would 100 percent recommend DR Lupanzula and his team @ medikemos 🙂

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I'll say that at this point, you're heading into the worst part of having a hair transplant; the waiting.

Your transplanted hair is going to have you on an emotional rollercoaster of doubt, glee, self awareness, exhilaration and all manner of ups and downs. The great thing is that once it all passes, it will seem like a blip and in several months you should be in a stronger position of appreciation for the experience and of course for the result.

I hope you will update the group with your progress. It is this kind of giving back that helps to push the industry forward, for patients and for clinics. Thank you again for sharing.


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Hi and welcome to the forum.
Good to hear you had a good experience with Dr Lupanzula and his team. The work should produce a nice result. As Joe say, now the hard part is waiting but time soon passes.
Thanks for sharing and I'll look forward to your updates.

All the best.


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Welcome to the forum dude, you chose a superb surgeon I'm sure your going to be thrilled with the outcome of this procedure.
Thanks for sharing