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My experiences at the 2015 3rd Annual Mediterranean FUE Workshop Istanbul



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Arriving at the Radisson Blu Istanbul hotel and registration.

Each morning started off with a nice breakfast

Dr Koray Erdogan.

Alex Ginsburg, MD .. Koray Erdogan, MD .. Jose Lorenzo, MD

At the lectures in the morning. The workshop was held over three days. Each day consisted of lectures in the morning at the hotel conference room. Once lectures were over for the day, everyone boarded the coach shuttle buses to the clinic. At the clinic patio, we were served delicious lunches. Then the well organized Live Surgery viewing was held for second half of the day on day one and two.

Waiting for Shuttle to Clinic

My first impression on arriving at Asmed clinic - clean and modern. I was greeted by the staff who were friendly and fluent in English.

Inside the clinic - ultra modern with a very smart look.

I met with Sevinj who coordinated my arrival. She gave me a tour of the clinic, which looked sleek and well maintained. The surgery rooms were equipped with state of the art equipment.

At the Clinic - options to view on screen or go with assigned group to view live surgery. There were approximately 200 doctors and techs in attendance. There were 4 live surgeries to view by the various faculty doctors. Some were using motorized drills whilst others used manual punches.

Heading down to view live surgery

The groups took turns to watch the various doctors extracting and planting the grafts with their preferred techniques. Overall it was a very well organised workshop, very educational. Feedback from other attendees were also very positive.

Lunch Break at ASMED Patio

Live patient viewing of Dr. Erdogan's Patient Results on the 3rd day afternoon.

Faculty Panel at the lectures-

ASMED staff

The evenings were also well organised. 1st evening: welcome reception. 2nd evening: Gala dinner with Dervish dancers. 3rd evening: Dinner cruisePic below of Welcome Reception

Dervish dancers entertaining before dinner at the Gala.

Getting ready to board Dinner Cruise ship

The faculty doctors' presentations of certificates

I`d like to thank Dr Koray and his team for organising a memorable workshop. Many of us believed that no expense was spared and the attention to detail throughout the workshop was phenomenal!!



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It looks very impressive.

How many of the faculty doctors were performing live surgery? Were the patients operated on by single or multiple doctors?


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There were approximately 6 doctors performing surgery and they rotated so the patients had more than one doctor working on them.


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Thank you posting the pictures I think its awesome you attending these Workshops just shows how much your interested and care about the subject and not just having the forum and shop cheers mate , I will have to go with you sometime looks so interesting

Have a great night



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I gotta say the Asmed clinic looks very impressive from the pictures you posted. It sounds like it was a well executed and well planned workshop and the attendees were well taken care of by the looks of things. Thanks for posting this its fascinating to read and the pictures are excellent;)



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Thanks for posting the photos Bigmac. The event was very well run by Asmed especially taking into account the number of attendees. I personally found it to be very interesting.


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You're welcome David. It was a very good workshop with lots of interesting things going on.
It was great seeing you, Joe and the European forum owners there.
Hopefully see you at he next one.


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Looks like it was a great forum! I must have missed my invite somehowc;;9 But truthfully not sure I would have left the registration desk if they served drinks there. Ha ha.
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