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My FUE beard transplant operation in London



Hello everyone - I want to share my story of my beard transplant operation I had in London, UK.

When I was in my early 20's I could grow a bit of a beard and moustache but it was never full - I had a good basis but could never grow a full beard properly as the cheek areas always looked a bit thin.

I approached Westminster Medical Group and had a consultation with Dr. Rogers & Dr. Sebastian to discuss how I could make my beard thicker with an FUE hair transplant procedure and decided to go for it finally :cool:

On the day of the operation I saw the Doctors again in the morning and designed the beard line with them and then started the operation - the whole day lasted about 6 hours and I was told over 1000 grafts were implanted to thicken my beard.

The first few days after was interesting as I was trying not to touch any of the implanted hairs - which is really hard to avoid when it’s on your face.

Sleeping was also challenging as I always sleep on my side and front and had to sleep on my back for about a week - I got through it though :sleep:

Here’s the pre operation pic -

Before Operation .jpg

After the operation -

After Operation .jpg

1 year later -

One Year After.jpg

All in all I’m glad I’ve done it - my girlfriend even says I look more mature now as I looked a bit baby faced before - I'm 37 now.

It's nice to have some good beard growth - I’ve even got a beard brush for it :LOL:


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Hi andres.
Welcome to the forum.
The work looks good with a very nice outcome for your beard with those 1000 grafts.
All the best.


The work looks great. That's a very nice beard you have now!