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My FUE Hair Transplant with Dr Nathan Yadun - YN Clinic



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Hello everyone, am writing here to give my personal experience of my hair transplant with Dr Nathan Yadun last December 2015.

I live in Paris since 12 years. I was born in Belgium and father of two beautiful children.

Am actually 54 years old and it is my first hair transplant. I was about to do a hair transplant some 10 years ago in Paris but my wife was against because it was the strip technique and few friends had bad experiences. Last year my wife and me met a friend that told us a lot of positive on Dr Nathan Yadun and his work technique. We first thought that am too old for that but my wife insisted to go for a consultation. The consultation was great and the doctor explain us in detail how the treatment will be, how many grafts will be needed and how the FUE technique is different from the strip technique. So we have decided to go for the treatment.

The technique that Dr Yadun used was FUE with total shaving and the number of grafts was 2137. The grafts count was 724 Single hairs, 1206 Double hairs, 196 Triple hairs and 11 Quadruple hairs. The treatment was carried out in just one session. Dr yadun was just superb and his professionalism immediately instills confidence and he even spend plenty of time showing the best natural result placing the finest hairs at the front of the hairline and ensuring the angle of every hair is right.

After 3 months new hair started showing and now by 10 months i can style my hair differently as i no longer have the silly gulf. The result has been worth it for me.

I can €™t believe I waited so long to do this and can €™t believe how much it frames my face better. I keep getting comments of how well or how good I look without people knowing I have had a transplant.
Best money I have spent and a big thank to DR Nathan Yadun for the great job.

My before pictures

Just after my treatment

3 months after my treatment

And now



Very good. It's a dramatic change to your appearance. What have your friend and family said?


Staff member
Hi Pierre, thanks for joining and sharing your story.
Your result looks very good. Hairline looks very natural and good coverage.
All the best.