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My FUE Hair Transplant with The Maitland Clinic - 2067 Grafts



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I had a hair transplant at the Maitland Clinic on the 28th January, it is now just over three weeks after surgery and my recovery is going extremely well, I am delighted with the results so far and my new hairline looks great.

Like a lot of guys I was very apprehensive about having a HTP and it took me years to get my act together and finally go for a consultation. I decided on the Maitland Clinic after much research from reading peoples reviews and articles in the press that DR Ball had written providing advise to candidates on HTP surgery . Dr Balls reputation in the industry is exemplary, this gave me so much confidence that I didn’t consider any other clinic.

At my first consultation with Dr Ball and David Anderson my requirements were discussed and a prospective hairline was drawn for me, it gave me a good indication of what my new hairline would be like. I am in my late 50s and immediately they both new what hairline would be right for me considering my age. Its important that you get good advise specific to your own personal requirements which is exactly what I got, no sales pitch just expert advise.

I won’t go in to details about the surgery there are plenty of posts on here of what’s involved, I will say that my surgery was handled very professionally with meticulous attention to detail. The after care service has been excellent, I have been contacted three times by head nurse Karen to see how I am progressing. I was provided with easy to follow instructions on looking after the new grafts, there is also a video on YouTube by Maitland giving a step by step guide.

I made the right choice in choosing the Maitland Clinic as Dr Ball he is clearly a very skilled surgeon and gave me absolute confidence from the start. I would also like to thank his support staff and technicians who were first class.

For sure do your research but if you decide on the Maitland Clinic you will have no regrets, they have a waiting time for consultation and surgery which proves they are sort after, it's well worth the wait.

Photos are one week post surgery.


Dr. Edward Ball, The Maitland Clinic.PNG
The Maitland clinic donor area after FUE.PNG


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Hi Graham. Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your story.
Everything sounds like you had a great experience with the clinic and the aftercare is good.
It`s good to hear you researched prior to making your choice.
Those 2067 grafts will make a nice change to your appearance. Do you have a pre op picture to compare?
Everything looks to have healed well, donor looks good.
Are you on any type of hair loss prevention regime?
All the best.


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Hi Bm,

Attached a couple of photos from about a year ago, the difference after the HTP is stark. Regarding hair loss medication, I am taking 1mg of Finasteride which I started mid November.
B regards


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