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My hair micropigmentation - what is wrong with my head?



please help me with my scalp micropigmentation. I'm from Poland, in 2019 Dezember I had 3 sessions, the fourth on 06.01.2020.
On the fourth session it turned out that I have places without pigment. Unfortunately I see the difference between places with my hair and with pigment. The places with pigment are red instead of grey like in places where I have my hair. Do you know what may be the problem? I've used minoxidil before for 4-5 years, my skin is rather oily. Maybe the problem is my shaver? I use Philips 5000 series (with 3 heads, maybe this shaver removes my pigment?) The pigment on my hair falls off very quickly. The pigmentation is made by experienced girl with many satisfied clients... Please look at my picture - hair lenght right now is about 0.5 mm.

On that picture I had the 5th session 8 days ago.

Many thanks in advance.



Staff member
Have you got some pictures showing the front and a top down view? Also, some close ups.


Valued member
Don't know an awful lot about this but surely the razor can't do it because people use razors like this all the time to cut the hair so short, unless you are using it too soon maybe? Do you still use the Minoxidil?


If you think it's the razor why have you continued to use it? Couldn't you try some clippers?