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My Hairtransplant Experience with Dr. Paul Shapiro.



After years of hairloss I finally decided to do something and had a hair transplant procedure with Dr. Paul Shapiro. I flew to Minnesota and stayed at the La Quinta hotel. On the morning of my surgery I took the hotel shuttle at 7:30am to Shapiro Medical. I was met by Dr. Paul and we discussed the procedure, my goals and what he felt could be achieved with my level of loss. He checked my laxity and donor then said he'll try for as much as my laxity would allow. He estimated around 3500 grafts which pleased me. When we finished he called in another patient from the previous day who had a similar size op, looking at this patient only confirmed I made the right choice.

Surgery started approximately 8:30am. I was injected with the anaesthetic numbing agent with the aid of a massageing device which elimanated any pain, I was very surprised when Dr. Paul said thats it as I never felt a thing, no pain whatsoever. Once I was numbed up Dr. Paul removed the strip.

Dr. Paul then sutured my donor area , checked I was comfortable and that I could not feel anything, all I could feel was the pulling together of my skin which again was pain free. Dr. Paul then made the incisions and the techs started planting. All the techs were very professional, constantly asking how I was and making sure I was in no pain. Dr. Paul and the techs discussed I had more 3 hair grafts than the average Asian patients. He explained that this should help create a good natural density of 50-55 grafts/cm2 when combined with my native hairs.

After surgery I was given my post op instructions, Graftcyte spray and pain medications. I then took the shuttle back to the hotel. My night was pain free, just a little discomfort sleeping at an upright angle.

The following day I took the short 5 minute walk to Shapiro Medical to stretch my legs. I arrived a little after 9:30am where I was met by Matt in reception who chatted with me and checked how I was. I then had my hair washed and cut which felt great. Janna checked on me and answered all my questions while she took some photos. Dr. Paul was also able to break away to make sure I was fine. I left feeling highly elated. This is a well run, professional set up yet it's very friendly too.

I stayed two more nights at La Quinta post surgery as I wanted to visit the Mall of America. The hotel was first class, excellent value for money and the Mall was awesome. I`ll upload some pictures of my stay.

I've attached some pre op photos, once my new hair grows out I`ll update as there are plenty of immediate post op pictures on the forum and its the grown out result that matters.

I would recommend Shapiro Medical. My whole experience has been truly awesome. Thanks for reading and good luck to all in whatever choices you make.



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Hi Sidewiki.

Welcome to the forum.I`m pleased you`ve had a good HT experience at SMG.That amount of grafts should provide a very nice result for you,i`ll look forward to seeing the end result.

I`ve also edited some posts out for you.

Take care bm.


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hey dude welcome to the forum...glad everything went great with Dr Paul hes a super guy, thanks for posting your experience.

As bm said it would be cool to follow your progress;)


Hey this is Tom. I am glad you had a good time here in MN. Please keep us updated!