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MY journey so far


Mr T

Valued member
Hey people hope ure all growin well, anyway, my journey so far...

After leaving The A-Team show some years back, I realised the reason for my anger management issues and the plausible cause for callin evry1 a crazy fool... lol, ok, serious now...

I started to thin from the crown at the age of 17/18

over the years it became worse, no bald patches, just thinness

i tried chinese herbal medicines, used olive oil in my hair, and wasted around 12k at the advanced hair studio with their crappy laser thing and hair pieces...

yes, u guessed rite, i was suffering frm serious depression, always weraing a cap and never goin out...

i decided i had to do something about it, so i went to many consulations with all the butcherin clinics in and around London, wasn't impressed one bit, i thought nothing could be done until i googled hair loss one depressin sunday morning and came across hairloss forums and Spex.

The guy was a genius with great hair!!! honest and upfront!!!

Come June 2006 i was on proscar, 1/2 a tablet every other day and have been on it ever since with no side effects at all...

defo slowed dwn my hairloss - i think... hard to tell when u constantly scrutinise at your hair all day, evryday!!! let that be a lesson to u all - never scrutinise, only make u paran

My pictures.

Pre op

Post op



Staff member
Hi Mr T

How many grafts did you originally get.

Your crown looks like it is slowly thinning now,have you considered looking into other options rather than Proscar.

Cheers bm.


looks really good. so what's the story here--how many grafts, how many months post op, etc?


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I'm not sure why I missed this thread. The pictures aren't the greatest but certainly there is a heck of a change taking place. Nice to have a strong hairline back. Keep us posted on the results.